I think that connection is the most important thing. Would love my manhood massaged as part of a full experience. It s not only about the act itself, but more of who, where and why this is happening. Eye contact is very important with every single touch of the cock. The brain is our biggest erotic organ. So when a man holds my cock in his hands and gently massages it i want to feel that through my cock he is reaching my brain. Slow and easy. Long strokes. Nothing hurried.


2 thoughts on “Nothing Hurried!

  1. I am in complete agreement, anonymous has its place but the connection and eyes and everything that goes with that are the best thing especially when it’s all touching your cock. You can’t beat a good connected man to man experience.

  2. I love a man’s body.Touching your warm skin always makes me want to taste you.I love the sweet reward pulsing threw your well massaged cock n balls.I am always grateful for every opportunity to be used by a real man for your personal pleasure.Thank you Gentlemen.

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