“Thanks Seb for a really great session. It was great to be partnered with such a horny guy. I really enjoyed exploring his body – first with a light, gentle touch and later getting in there with a firm hand. What a great arse and legs he had and then, flipping him onto his back, it was a pleasure to see his cock rise with my touch and his balls jiggle in their sac. Phew! And as if that wasn’t enough already, I then got to experience his magic touch when he massaged me. I know it’s not strictly tantric, but I was so worked up I couldn’t stop myself from cumming buckets – and with you encouraging me and with a rock hard cock in each of my hands, how could I have held back? I left walking on air and more relaxed than I’ve felt in ages. Cheers mate for making it possible”… ”  Very Good.

Hi Mr Cox, Was searching for interesting sensual or guy sex tumblrs and found this. Made me think of you and some of the articles on cumm.co.uk – have you seen it: Must book a session with you soon. Will check my work diary to see when I am next in London, All The Best,  

Pete 😉

1 thought on “On the Magical Uses of Semen, Part I

  1. I’ve been thinking of sex magic recently, mostly because an LPer I follow is playing La-Mulana 2, when the original was full of occult sexual references. And the Sun Temple, being male, has sperm. Seriously. Just used for something as mundane as knocking a statue up, but it’s there.

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