Rugby-type blokes wearing their old torn rugby shorts and jockstrap are the horniest. Love blokes in old shorts, especially if there’s a wet piss patch as well. My fantasy is to have a rugger bloke open the door wearing his old shorts and jock, with a piss patch clearly visible. I’ll be wearing shorts as well. We’ll sit down and chat for a while, feeling each other and playing with each other through our shorts. Then he’ll suggest a massage, and go to get ready. He’ll beckon me in, and make me put on his shorts and jock which he’s pissed a bit more into. He’ll be wearing another horny pair of his shorts, perhaps running shorts or something like that. He’ll give me a mind blowing massage, working on my cock through the shorts, sucking my cock and balls through the shorts, and getting his mouth up the leg of the shorts onto my balls, my knob, my hole.And his cock will be in my mouth, through his shorts, up his shorts, out of his shorts. Teasing, licking, sucking, teasing, licking, sucking, taking me to the brink then back again, again and again to the point where I explode! i’m just an ordinary bloke, slim, fit, early 50s, with a big cock, and my fantasy is probably nothing much to anyone else, but that’s what I would like to happen to me. Brian

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