Hi Seb, I always enjoy reading your thoughts, ideas and wisdom. I think you should write a book called something like the “New Sexuality” which every man should read! When I first came across your website I had promised myself a session with you but alas for me you are now retired I believe. Well, hope you are enjoying great fulfilment with what you are doing now.  Keep the wisdom and ideas flowing and hopefully more and more people will become aware of them and learn how to relax and enjoy all aspects of their sexuality. I am over 50 and feel that I am only beginning but I supose its never too late!  Carl

1 thought on “New Sexuality

  1. Yup Karl, New Sexuality is a good idea, men need to be confident with a blurry line between other men, new sexuality would have to be man sexual, but that got a bad rap as homosexual! Ah well.

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