b/friends 12″ Dildo

I was by at home by myself one evening and decided to get out my boyfriends 12″ dildo because i was feeling a little horny and didn’t feel like masturbating.

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i threw some lube on got on my bed with my back on the bed and my legs up in a position to get my dick near my mouth and started pounding my ass with the dildo. 3 minutes went by and i was fixing to quit and just start masturbation but all of the sudden i felt an awesome sensation come over my legs and the base of my penis so i kept going and the pleasure got greater until out of nowhere i ejaculated so much that the jiz filled my mouth to the top. it was the hottet orgasm i had ever had! Sebastian

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  1. Mmmmmmmm Sebastian Nice Story Thank You I’d like to fill My mouth with You too maybe some day I can get a taste

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