Masturbation is simply defined as the process of self-stimulation for achieving sexual pleasure. Today sadly masturbation and the subject of it discussion has become a social taboo. Masturbation in many cultures is considered a sin! and the very topic has a lot of associated negativity with that goes with it. One of the most popular myths surrounding masturbation is that, masturbating men lose their fertility and lose their manliness. Many men especially in India are led to believe that masturbating regularly is a bad habit and the act itself results in loss of sperms or a low sperm count . They believe that masturbation is the reason for their infertility! But this is far from the truth. Masturbating and/or masturbation does not affect a man’s sperm output. The reason for this is simple. Sperm production is a 24/7 process that begins from the time a mans achieves puberty till the time he dies. In fact, just think for a second! Is it better to control your sexual urges and avoid masturbation and then one fine day explode in frustration?

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