A female friend of mine told me about a guy she was with asking her to massage his prostate… she did and told me that it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen and suggested that I tried it. last night I got REAL Drunk, and used a single finger, barely even past the knuckle and found the soft spot that she described… after a few minutes of thinking “Oh.. not impressed.” it started to build.. and build and I just kept waiting for it to stop building…finally I had to stop because it had gotten so intense that I couldn’t focus enough on breathing while doing it to myself. Tonight I’m going to ask my date to do the same… I hope she agrees because it is the most AMAZING thing I’ve EVER experienced… and What’s even better, is that I can FINALLY have more than one orgasm! I’ve always enjoyed giving women multi’s, but was jealous because I couldn’t. I dare say this is the most AMAZING discovery I’ve ever had. However, similar to a previous post, it’s not a very clean orgasam!!! Definitely make sure to have a towel or something under you! anon

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