I have done all those things, and I feel so lucky. To wrap my arms and legs around another man’s body. To feel how his strength matches my own, not in a combative way, but in harmony. How our muscles play against each other, how our body hair generates a different kind of hear as it meets and merges, how our senses get heightened by each others’ scents, and kindles something that can be described almost as racial memory written in our DNA, of ancestral lust and love. Something I don’t understand on a conscious level, but that my brain decodes, peeling away all my inhibitions and notions of civilized behavior, layer by layer. Until all that’s left of me is a cave dwelling animal who only needs earthly satisfaction. And he gives it to me, so generously and willing. Experiencing that masculine kindness and love is one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve had and it’s made me into a whole person. A whole man.


1 thought on “Masculine Kindness

  1. This is so emotionally moving and beautiful! Even poetic and full of truth. Thank you so much. I found myself inside the semantic of your written words.

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