Cock pumps do make you cock bigger, but it takes years of consistent, dedicated pumping sessions. It’s not so much that it actually adds any size, as much as it trains your cock to get to its absolute full potential when erect. You could call it giving your cock a workout. I used to do this years ago, and it worked for me. The first time I pumped my cock it was quite awkward. Had to give it several tries before I could get it to work. I finally got a nice seal a just surfed porn, and kinda forgot about it. After about 40mins I looked down and saw a monster inside that tube. I couldn’t believe my cock was thicker than a beer can, and several cm longer than I’d ever seen it before. Even though that size wasn’t consistent, it was crazy fun.

The extreme thickness comes mostly from the skin being swollen to about 3 times it’s normal thickness. You will know from how you cock feel spungy to the touch, if you squeeze it you’ll leave finger indentations for a few seconds. You may also see some heavy bruising or little red dots. Don’t worry. The bruise will fade in a few days. That just means you’ve overdone it, and pumped too fast. Go slower, add vacuum gradually. The super size will last for about 30mins, even when soft. I used swim a lot. I loved to pump my cock right before hitting the pool. Used to get long looks of amazement and envy when hit those showers. And of course the bulge made my swim trunks look great too!

Enjoy your new pump!


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