I am so turned on all the time to shoot all of my sperm into my mouth all the time. And I always shoot once or twice in my mouth, and I have done this 100′s of times, but I always loose the interest after it hits my mouth. I still do not like my sperm, I also do not like the smell, but everytime I masturbate I pump a few loads into my open mouth. I want to get all the sperm into my mouth, but like I said I loose interest and pump the rest of my sperm onto my face and belly. I never get the nerve to pump all my sperm into my open mouth. And now I want to try again for about the 800th time. Any advise to be able to have the nerve to pump it all into my mouth. Theos

my advice? just do it anyway, even if, after the first couple of shoots, you don’t feel like it any more, just do it for the experience of it, tell yourself this time I’m going to shoot the lot in my mouth whether I want to or not (or if I miss my mouth, dab it up from my chest with my finger and lick it up), and just see how it tastes and feels to do it. mmm… can’t be that bad.


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  1. It’s perfectly natural to not want your cum a bit into ejeculation and efterwards. For two weeks I ignored this repulsion and ate every single load I shot. After about three days I noticed that it had become more of a habit, and I didn’t feel that post ejaculatory repulsion anymore. My cum is very thick, which means I don’t shoot it far at all. I simply gathered it in my hand and licked it off. At this point I didn’t mind the taste at all. I also noticed that my energy levels increased, as did my sexual desire.

    Unfortunately, my stomach did not react well to eating my own semen, so I had to stop. Which is really strange because I can swallow other men’s cum without any stomach problems – and others can swallow mine.

    But as for the post ejaculatory repulsion to cum, if you’re still not into it after 800 times, then just accept is as a fact of life, Brother.

    Just continue to spray the first few wads into your mouth and enjoy the desire to do so while it lasts. And be happy you get that kind of distance on your cumshots. Not all of us are so fortunate. I would certainly enjoy receiving your entire high pressured love.

    Come to think of it, seems that nature first and foremost intended that our cum loads are best enjoyed by others. Right?

    Shoot your love, Brother. 🖤

    1. Ben, I also do not spurt my jizz very far, especially upward past my stomach, chest and onto my face. Given that limitation or trait, I will shoot my load into my cupped hand. I then raise my hand to my mouth and suck it in – about a third for each portion.
      I also suck the cocks of several regulars who feed me their loads. One is able to cum from the stimulation of my mouth but the others jack off and hold their cocks close to my open mouth.
      I like the taste and have no reactions to the semem that I swallow.

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