str8 @ 48 ?

Hi, Mr Cox, before I read your blog I thought I was straight, but now I’m not so sure as I really do want to stroke and suck the cocks pictured. Trouble is I’m too afraid to set up a meeting with a  dude. Also I’m married and don’t want to fuck myself up with guilt.

Not much anyone can do I guess, but if you can suggest a way of introducing me to dick, please do. I like the idea of the3 circle group meetings that you’ve had – I could cope with that more easily than 1 to 1. I’ll never be content until I’ve sucked a man off. And at 48 I’m not getting any younger. Although I have no experience with other men, other than being propositioned twice in lavatories, this is one of my favourite sexual fantasies: I meet a mature man who I realise is gay. We have a few drinks and I begin to wonder about making love with him. We go back to his place, or a hotel. We both shower and get into bed naked. We cuddle up together like two spoons my arms around him and my crotch pressed to him bum. I kiss his neck and shoulders and I let my hand drift down to his crotch.

His cock is hard and I curl my finger softly around it and very lightly masturbate him. Meanwhile my own cock becomes very stiff too and he reaches around to stroke my balls. He tells me he has a friend who would like to join us. I agree and he picks up the phone. In a few minutes his friend arrives. I cum imagining the first guy sucking me off whilst I suck off his friend. This fantasy gives me a very strong orgasm. Sometimes the two guys in my fantasy are of different races.

Sometimes they tie me up and take their pleasure with me, but they are never aggressive or violent as it is just a game. Cheers, John.

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2 thoughts on “str8 @ 48 ?

  1. I am dreaming of a three way cock sucking. Seeing someone sucking on another man’s cock is beautiful. I would like to watch it closely then take turns and put it in my mouth to show him how much I l live sucking too.

  2. As an oral cock worshiper and an avowed sub cocksucker, I can attest to the power of the prick in my life. My true oral top feeders embrace their phallic control and understand that their bulge is the beginning of their achieving total control. I can honestly say I worship cock. Whether soft or hard, feeling my face next to it beings me more joy than any religion or creed. Knowing that I am pleasing my feeder and causing him to explode his seed into my throat is the greatest honor possible. I need to find more true feeders here in AZ so let me hear from you. I’m Letmeworshipit on Yahoo and also go by m4mORALguy.

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