A man’s strength comes from his arse.

Your arse holds many secrets to the pleasures of life. Finding that your arse is available for pleasure may be like a spiritual awakening, or even experiencing an orgasm that you knew you were capable of.

Most of your arsehole’s nerve endings are on its surface so devote your attention to external massage. Carefully soften the external muscles by playing with your arsehole’s resilient edge of resistance.

Relax your arse and your mind, body and spirit will follow. Like all muscles, your rosebud enjoys loving kindness. Discover the deep relaxation with Reiki-style external anal massage and Meditation.

This class is open to men of all sexual orientations. At the beginning of this ritual we will practice a very easy to learn anal breathing meditation.

Then Mr Cox will demonstrate the basic strokes of Rosebud Massage. Each stroke and each breath allows you a different sensation. Each wakes up different tissues and stimulates different nerve endings.

There will be an opportunity to practice with a partner, so every man can enjoy this incredible sensations of pleasure.

What a pleasure, what a joy. I loved the way the men looked after and minded each other. Although it was a very spiritual evening, it was also lots of fun. As I said on the evening this is the class for warriors.

Thanks to XXXX for his impromptu MALE SHIBARI demo after the class. I’m hoping it’s something we can include in a future event.

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