To begin I love very light touch starting round the balls and the perineum. As I begin to get hard a single finger very lightly making its way up towards the tip and back really wakes up my cock. Then oiled hands alternately circling the base of my cock and twisting as they rise to the tip and come down again gets me rock hard and precum adding to the oil. Returning to light, two finger strokes down from the head of my dick to my balls levels me off. Tickling around my bell end then hightens my excitement again and repeat from the top. Looking forward to learning new tricks.


I’ve fallen in love all over again with my dick, through learning more on here and embracing the myriad wonder of just being male and having this marvelous gift that is a Penis .


According to a two-decade long study conducted by researchers at University of California, San Diego, haPenis is not only highly contagious but online communities may actually “magnify the intensity of global emotional synchrony”


Ever since haPenis heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.”


8 thoughts on “Is HaPenis Contagious?

  1. Well said Billy
    When you taste it once u love it forever!

    Kind of Narcissus story ,making love with another man is like being in love make love adore ourself

  2. Yes contagious were else would you find handsome, muscular guys and such a amazing selection of guy great bodies and a selection of cock’s and balls perfection for me.

    1. Beside of the astouding beautiful Arousing lads Ha penis made me consider
      Love sex with another men as something far more natural .. our education sais is bad .. but God made human mono and bisexual of men and women , same race , and separing bi or gay from straight is stupid ! is again a human judgement against human nature ..
      in all living beings exist the same clichés u have male female bisex and hybrid and all forms of reproduction Only human decide that must exist just one way of sex and that only that one is right because God said so ! God said a man and a woman for making kids …. But he never said that only that kind of sex was admitted so enjoy life love lust & sex as u please and as nature made u tooled for !

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