sound of the daf

A message from the fairy

hidden in your heart;

with their letter

comes serenity to

the estranged heart.


The tree of wisdom comes to bloom
with this breeze;
The inner pores of existence
open to this tune.

When the spiritual cock crows,
the dawn arrives;

When Mars beats his drum
victory is ours.


The essence of the soul was fighting
the barrel of the body;

When it hears the sound of the daf
it matures and calms down.
A wondrous sweetness is
sensed in the body;

inked man art daddy dick

It is the sugar that the flute and
the flute-player bring
to the listener…

2 thoughts on “sound of the daf

  1. If your heart cannot find a joyful work
    The jaws of this world
    Will probably
    Grab hold of your

    Very Tight


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