Only a few have even mentioned their bollocks; to me the scrotum is one of the most excitable pieces of sexual equipment I have been given by the great God Eros. I like to keep the sex sack cleanly shaved ( This can be a hot lead up to good sex) to up its sensitivity to touch, lovely touch! Try this: after a relaxing shower and a nice touch up shave, stand with one foot on the floor and the other resting on a steady chair: reach around your raised leg and find the anus. Touch it gently.waking its sensual nerves. Inset a finger to the second knuckle of the middle finger. Slowly pull it out and pull your it slowly down the perineum. Stop 15 seconds to massage your precious prostate, the love syrup gland. Be loving but firm. Pause to say a prayer to that God of pricks and tits, mouths and cunts and arseholes and your sweetly hanging gonads. Hold your fingers close to but not touching. Caress lightly. Heaven is on the way. By this point every sensual spot on my body is ready. Try this with a lover. The secret being to let them wait thirty seconds before you begin the gentle touching journey. A nice prelude is while taking that shower, use the movable shower head. Make sure the water is at a temperature comfortable for the party or parties involved. Stand with legs wide apart. Begin with a gentle spray on the inside of the ankle. Raise the stream of water along the inside of the leg. I find the upper thighs very tuned to sensual touch. Hold at the point where the stream of water barely touches the head of the penis and/or ball sack. then begin your exploration by water of the land of milk and honey. I find the shower head on at a soft spray one of the worlds handiest sex tools.

Andy McCusker

9 thoughts on “I love my bollocks

  1. Handsome man moustache great muscular impressive body excellent balls and beautiful cock sure would be happy 😃 to meet this guy spend very happy healthy times together , simple as that.

  2. I love nothing more than to suck and fondle a beautiful pair of heavy hanging balls, preferably unshaved. It’s usually the first thing I look at when admiring a beautiful man.

    1. True Greek style (diamerion, or between the thighs) will run the penis against the other dude’s scrotum and perinium.

  3. It is the biggest pair of balls I have seen, I love big heavy balls I would love to see the bulge in his pants.

  4. Fantastic set of full big bull balls…… Love to fondle, lick and suck them……..

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