A tender, gentle, almost passive lingering touch is the most erotic, calming yet invigorating deep cleansing of the mind, body and soul. I love to start with my body being massaged, unhurried firm attentive deep strong, giving my body plenty of attention. While the massage is a release for the muscles, it also feels as if my body is being charged with energy so to then finally move on to my penis makes me feel super charged up and sensitive. A slow, attentive, sensual massage to my penis sends me absolutely wild, it’s can be ecstasy.

I like to begin by being teased and slowly aroused with unhurried sensual strokes around my whole body. This aids the discovery of my more erogenous zones. Once the attention begins to focus on my manhood I like a varied range of strokes, still including other parts of my body. I find that vocalising and mutual eye contact greatly heighten my arousal.

I really like playing with different senses and pressures. Sometimes lightly tickling the shaft with fingertips is nice and then shaking it up with a firmer slide on the frenulum. I like maximising pleasure with gentle breaths along the cock and occasionally teasing the cock with a hint of the tip of my tongue.


I had the pleasure of receiving a tantric massage about a year ago and it almost blew my mind! I am very sensual and have deep shuddering orgasms and like nothing more than my balls being stroked and caressed after I’ve cum as this makes me cum gain but in a more internal jolting pure pleasure way. It seems when I shoot my load I have a very deep orgasm all my muscles contract them release and my joints crack.

4 thoughts on “Your HaPenis Massage?

  1. “HA PENIS” est un site que j’ai eu la chance de découvrir en cherchant des photos de sexe sur le Net.
    J’adore votre site, il est très intéressant et j’y trouve des photos superbes de beaux mecs.
    Le pénis : j’aime celui des autres hommes en moi, sentir sa chaleur, et la force de l’homme.
    Je n’ose jamais faire de commentaires, de peur de ne pas être “dans la ligne” de votre projet
    Trop content d’être abonné !!!

  2. I was completely naked at a nude beach and a man walked over to me and just started to massage my penis. It w as so erotic to let him just have his way with my cock that I just stood there and let him run his hands all over my body. The feeling was incredible and my cock became totally stiff and slippery with precum. And that was the start of a fantastic sex session. I would love a cock massage. I am turned on now thinking about it.

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