Can you guess what would happen if homophobic men were paid to watch gay porn in a lab for a psychological experiment? In 1996 Psychologists from the University of Georgia recruited 64 men all who identified as heterosexual, and who never had any homosexual experience. They were invited to take place in a laboratory experiment. The men were divided into two groups, the homophobes and those who were relaxed about other folks sexuality. The lab was set up to play homoerotic films and the men were introduced to a little gadget that would measure their arousal. The group of men who were relaxed about others sexuality showed no levels of arousal, butt, most of the homophobes got an erection despite each saying they did not have any reaction to the video, even though the evidence was sitting their right in front of them…

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Homophobia is gay. Full Stop. I have never meet someone who suffers from this dreadful delusion that wasn’t a homosexual. Full Stop, End of hiSTORY lesson.

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  1. I LOVE this statement !!! For more years than I can remember, I have speculated that many…I won’t say all…men that openly express their homophobia may actually be trying to cover their own gay feelings. When I was in high school, one day during art class, I was talking to a friend, one on one, when this jock turns around and say’s to me “That’s easy, everyone thinks your Queer.” In my youth, I didn’t have anything to say to this statement. And not “everyone” thought I was gay….I believe my many good friends didn’t care one way or another. In an ideal world, I would of stood up, asked the teacher if I may speak…and asked this question: Explain to me why ninety percent of the time, it’s a Jock that gives me grief? Also explain how you jocks somehow know what to look for…at least you THINK you know…to describe another guy as “Queer”?? What are some of you guy’s hiding? Right or wrong, how is it that many of you “straight guys” are so quick to label someone “Gay”…when you no NOTHING about them? Is there a book I should read that will tell me the “Sign’s” to look for? Maybe this book is only issued to jock’s!! I mean…some of you SEEM to know so much about the subject and how is that? Maybe something from your past or present? Maybe a thought you have tried to erase…only to have it reappear…so to further cover-up this thought, you say ignorant things like “Oh, he’s gay!” My question circles around again: True or false: How could you know this? What experience have YOU had that makes you an expert on the subject? &&&&&&&&&& Thank you for letting me rant!! I feel a bit better. Love this site! It inspires this very QUEER man to keep learning new things and become a better man. Yes! I am a gay man!

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