history of the jockstrap

We have to visit all the way back to the 1870s, and a Mr. Bennett of Chicago, who had been clearly *very* worried regarding the particular injury that cobbled streets were doing to bicycle courier’s nuts. All that unchecked moving about kept him up during the night. Poor Mr. Bennett.

Yet the good news is for the bike messengers (as well as ‘jockeys’), Mr. Bennett got an idea, and that he named it after them. The ‘jock strap’ was developed. Fast-forward fifty years into the 1920s, and a young Canadian called Jack Cartlege. Jack adored his hockey *almost* just as much as he liked slipping on his much-loved jockstrap, but it wasn’t until one fateful day in 1927 that Jack realized (the hard way!) that his jockstrap was no rivalry for a hockey puck inside the crotch. Jack wasn’t massively enthusiastic on duplicating the experience, and who blames him, so he arrived up with the ingenious idea of slipping a hard mug down the front of his jockstrap. The design was swiftly copyrighted and development commenced. Adult males no longer had to reside in the fear of a stray puck, ball or studded boot. Jack’s combo of jockstrap and protective cup became the anchor of boys’ school athletics equipment around the world for the remainder of the twentieth century, till underwear models such as Andrew Christian, C-in2 and Addicted started out reinventing the vintage style. Away went the unpleasant shade of off-white and also the unattractive waistbands, and in came a brand new array of innovative cuts and models, and fun colours.

These current jockstraps are definitely the best balance between style and performance – as great around the track or in a gym as they are under a set of jeans, or suit trousers if you’re game for it. Business right in front, party in the back! Mr Jockstrap

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