My fantasy has always involved a naked and hairy older man entering the room where I sit naked on the couch. He leans over me, his cock throbbing and bouncing as he kisses me, his tongue deep in my throat. He pulls and rubs my sensitive nipples and squeezes my full male titties. I play with my erection, insanely aroused as he caresses my body. His fingers enter my anus and slowly fuck me. His cock at eye level, finds its way to my mouth. I suck him wildly till he comes over my face, the semen running down my neck. He rubs it into my hairy chest and licks and sucks it off me. we kiss long and deep while he rubs my cock slowly. when he is hard again i turn over and he licks my ass and finds my hole with his probing tongue. I gasp out as he enters me with his hairy cock, hard once again. we fuck slowly until I come then he flips me over and enters me missionary style, our mouths locked together as he rocks to his second orgasm. He pulls out of me and lays on me, cock to cock and rubs me till I shoot once more. Lovely. 

Hairy Lover

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