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My fantasy has always involved a naked and hairy older man entering the room where I sit naked on the couch. He leans over me, his cock throbbing and bouncing as he kisses me, his tongue deep in my throat. He pulls and rubs my sensitive nipples and squezes my full male titties.

mature hairy shower

I play with my erection, insanely aroused as he carresses my body. His fingers enter my anus and slowly fuck me. His cock at eye level, finds its way to my mouth. I suck him wildly till he comes over my face, the semen running down my neck. He rubs it into my hairy chest and licks and sucks it off me. we kiss long and deep while he rubs my cock slowly. when he is hard again i turn over and he licks my ass and finds my hole with his probing tongue. I gasp out as he enters me with his hairy cock, hard once again. we fuck slowly until I come then he flips me over and enters me missionary style, our mouths locked together as he rocks to his second orgasm. He pulls out of me and lays on me, cock to cock and rubs me till I shoot once more. Lovely… Hairy Lover

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  1. I live in the midlands and I want to try it with a mature man , I want experience a fellow mans cock inside mouth and ass

  2. I live in the midlands and I want to try it with a mature man , I want experience a fellow mans cock inside

  3. Extreme CMNM

    Couldn’t believe wanting just pleasure and to give it hadn’t been working out for me. Two men older than me by probably about twenty or so years had got me. They looked hot, so masculine, hairy arms, I bet that hair went everywhere on both of them! Just imagining them showing me such tenderness while they fucked my hole made me so hard.

    But instead of being an answer to my fantasies they did a lot of porn stuff. Nearly hardcore BDSM. I mean, what the hell? I wanted to be loved not treated like a piece of meat!

    They didn’t want that, they just wanted to pound my hole, keep me naked humiliate me…. if only I had built up my core strength. I had no muscle in my arms

    At twenty-eight years old I could have done SOMETHING about working out or working in general but nope, I was on disability and no job, seemingly no damn future.

    I was in their family-type of room. These I figure were two men who searched for people online (I bet they only met months ago, not close friends, not married!) and then who knows what happened.

    I bet both men couldn’t get it up either.

    I had a naughty idea. I trounced outside the room pitter-pattering over to the guest bathroom. It was amazingly like a blessing they hadn’t seen me as they would have taken me and delivered pain hard. I didn’t want that!!

    I was excited for the first time at this house (my prick swelled) as I went through the cabinet and was right in my assumption.

    I took two blue pills (it hadn’t mattered who they were! I think Rick had said this was his house so whatever) and stormed out my heart a fluttering.

    Two hours later (really they wanted me to freeze to death?) they came back in.

    They both seemed casual and business in their attire. The one guy looked like a trucker or a person who would chill with jeans on during Saturdays instead of going out anywhere notable or dignified. His name was…

    “Hey Fucker. Get over here…”

    His name was Foster. For some reason Rick liked calling him “F*cker” at times which offended me.

    Before I knew it though I got them tied, sat in two love seats and relaxed. I could hardly contain my excitement (I hoped so hard I wouldn’t cum right there! I was pre-cumming but it’s not as noticeable.).

    I told Foster and Rick to have a toast. They brought out crappy cheap soda.

    I gave each of them a drink, (smiling… WAS I going to cum?? Ooh, it felt soon, hold back… I said to myself, Hold Back!). Then they partook them drinking them down.

    I also found out Rick had naughty toys in this room. I wondered if they were going to play nice, if they would do something in anger if they found out my ideas. Instead I presented.

    “You know I just wanted, before I left to do something extra… special.”

    “Okay do this and you’ll get your clothes back you whore!” said Rick and laughed. Foster looked back and forth smiling big, thinking all this borderline horror was just a lighthearted joke.

    “It’s Christian…”

    “Oh. Whatever.”

    “I have a surprise, now I hope you will let me see how far I can get you guys edged.” Foster’s face went red, he looked like he was excited by the idea! What a cutie pie! He was the one I wanted to be the nicest to as he thought this was all fun and games, plus damn he was sexy!

    Rick looked pissed off. “What are you, you asshole. Why are you thinking you will do that? You are under my orders!”

    “Not for long, babe.”

    “Don’t call me babe. Master.”

    “How about … bitch.”

    Foster could not hold back a giggle. He looked like the moment I said “edged” he would get hard and ready for action! In fact his pants were tented. He had a nice average size. Very sexy.

    “Okay… let your heads back and close your eyes…”

    After about twenty minutes Foster who never got hard while he worked on me most of the time was feeling it. I saw his eyes close and he rolled back as I kissed his neck. breathed against his chest, and then kissed his belly. I unbuttoned him, seeing he had a yellow stained t-shirt which I lifted up and he panted his pants getting a little wet. Probably even some kind of early clear squirt. Damn, he was horny, so hot!

    I then started to work on Rick who called out and yelled. He screamed in my ear. I went away from him.

    “You know what? You tortured the hell out of me so I’m just gonna make you cum. No fun, just endless cum…”

    But I said this for later. I went back to Foster who I wanted to release from his dark pants so bad! I finally popped him open.

    Clear, red and swollen. Uncut was his penis. His cock was hot to the touch. So manly was this guy. I’d ask him for his number later.

    Anyway I kissed his belly, nibbled his ear gently then I sat atop his lap and let him really penetrate me.

    Ooh, it felt so good!

    He was getting close so I edged him just a little further then I leaned next to him, whispering the naughtiest fantasy I could come up with and he moaned and then squealed as his beautiful cock spurted again and again. He threw his back backwards..

    “Easy.. oh yes, doesn’t it feel so good.” And he came so much. I think it was nearly a gallon of cum but I’m not sure!

    Then before I undid the rope I chatted quietly to Foster who thought the “play” was still going on.

    “He wants you to stare at his cock, Foster.”

    We re-tied Rick this time he was both hands behind and around his chair.

    “Oh this is so hot, Christian.”

    “Yes. Ooh. I know babe.”

    Rick didn’t say a word, as he was mumbling curses to himself.

    So before I left I decided to take CMNM a new level. I opened his fly took out his cock…

    “Oh shit, what is that???!”

    “It’s one of your toys. Don’t you know?”

    “Fuck don’t use that, I’ll, I’ll…”

    I put it on his cock. E-stim. As Foster stared at him I told him to keep it on him at least a half hour straight which I said aloud was nothing compared to the three hours I took which felt like an eternity.

    In naughty just desserts and Foster staring at him thinking it was a play Rick was jerking around cumming, and then he squealed…

    “I have PE. Oh shit… Ooooh oooh oooh, OOOOOOOOOH!.”

    I left him to his own device, searched for my clothes and then eventually made it home..

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