So he has been open to you about the fact that he likes certain sensations but is, it seems, pretty clear on his limits. He isn’t gay but you want him to do it for you? You don’t want him to “try it all” for him, you want it for you. You say you know he would love to? Sounds like he wouldn’t at all but you want him to do it. Yeah, pushy is one word (yours) that comes to mind. Selfish is another. We all have “a little of both insides ourselves. A little of both that turns us on. I for instance find female bodies exceptionally dull to look at, as a girl myself “? So he is supposed to find a male body a turn on but you don’t find female bodies a turn on? Personally, I don’t think it is a terrible attempt at expressing what you want to say, I think you have expressed it only to clearly. I think we can add another word. Hypocrisy. Be grateful you have a communicative open-minded guy and respect his limits. He doesn’t want ot be fucked by anyone other than you. Guest

red underpants

A Note from Seb, this was a response I received to ar article a woman wrote about wanting to watch her husband getting fucked. She had been training him with a strap-on  and wanted to get advice about taking things to the next level. Unfortunately I cannot find the original article at the moment, but thought I would post this reply anyway. Words of wisdom, let it be.

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