A Dildo on a Recipricating Saw

After reading about anal orgasms and enjoying toys inside me I got quite excited but never got over the hump. I decided to try a dildo on a recipricating saw and the build up of pleasure was incredible but I still couldn’t get there. I finally made a box and mounted the saw inside with the dildo sticking out of a hole.

The first time I used my home made device I had my first anal orgasm. I did not ejaculate. This incredible orgasm was very intense and longer lasting and came from inside my ass. I probably had more than 10 orgasms that day and it was the most incredible experience I have ever had. Since then I have had many other incredible days with my toy. Some days I will use it for a couple of hours and I am never disappointed. Good luck to all of you who are trying. Rick

self sucker rosebud exposed

My first anal orgasm was about the most earth-shattering thing I’d ever experienced. I’d played about a little with rubbing my ass and inserting a finger or two as part of masturbation but I usually stopped and came by jacking off normally. One day I decided to use my gf’s dildo in my ass – I just had an inexplicable urge – so I lubed up and squatted down on the dildo and felt it slide inside me until suddenly I felt a surge of pleasure go right through my cock. 

I started to slide up and down on the dildo, slowly fucking myself before turning the it on to vibrate – the pleasure flowing from my prostate was fantastic. Instead of sliding up and down the dildo, I just grabbed it with one hand and started fucking my own ass with it and the most intense pleasure built up and built up until I looked down and saw my cock twitch as it shot out a load of thick milky cum! I felt weak and shaken from the intensity of my orgasm and I was so stunned that I’d just come without touching my dick once. Pete

I herd about it whilst masturbating, tried it and my world exploded, i did it placing a condom on my fingers, relaxing, gently inserting it and stimulating the intended area, i orgasmed extreamly fast. next time me and my girlfriend were together, i persuaded her to perform it stimulate the area whilst going down on my big cock, it worked but not as well as id hoped. After that relationship had ended, i called up one of my gay friends and discussed the matter. the next time he came round, i got a little stoned, i had never ‘been’ with another guy before, but as he knew what i liked, he started by giving me a handjob and with his over hand, massaging my anus with his fingers, it felt so right. he was penetrating me with his penis before long. iv always been on the hunt for other men/women who are able to perform this which i more than gladly do in return Aaron

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I’m not attracted to men, I just want to be fucked… 

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  1. I have had 2 anal orgasms in my whole life. I can nly do it if I am completely relaxed and not caring about an orgasm. Then it will happen. Both times I did it using the lubricated handle of an airbrush. This device works well. You know when your doing it right because it feels like your whacking off but without touching yourself. Slowly it will build and it friggen shoots out. An intense orgasm. Don’t know how to achieve it everytime, though.

  2. Hello Seb Cox, I have read your stories about men having anal orgasms. I love ass play so I went out and got a your prostate massager, regular size. I have been able to have anal orgasms over the last two weeks. This morning though was incredible. After inserting your prostate massager all the way in I start to slowly squeeze with my ass muscles. After keeping a constant grip on the vibrator for about 10 minutes my ass starts to quiver and spasm. This gets stronger and more intense and remains so for about a minute. Usually my ass really starts to contract and pulsate. After that feeling I back off and relax my ass muscles and try to go again. This morning after I relaxed a bit my ass just started to sqeeze and pulsate very quickly taking me into such a feeling of bliss. That lasted for about 10 seconds and backed off, but it started again two more times. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I really get into it with heavy breathing and moaning…can’t help it… and playing with my nipples

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