In Celtic mythology, ancient cock celebrity Fergus Mac Roich (or Roth) was said to have an enormous  penis that measured more than 21 inches (and a scrotum the size of a sack of flour). He is one of the greatest of all Ulster heroes, best known for being tutor to Cúchulainn. Fergus is characterized from his earliest portrayals as having great sexual energy, as implied in his earliest patronymic, Roach, possibly from Ro-ech [i.e. great horse]. He had huge genitalia, requiring seven men to massage it before battle. Fál, the upright stone at Tara(as seen in the picture at the top of the page), was known in 19th-century oral tradition as Bod Fhearghais [Irish, Fergus’s penis], perhaps implying Fergus mac Róich. His great sword was called Caladbolghard (“hard cleft”, cognate with Welsh Caledvwlch; the name appears in the plural as a generic word for “great swords” in the 10th century Irish translation.  Historical accounts state the ancient Celts prepared for battles naked and it was common for the men to massage each other’s swords. The life of a Celtic Warriors would have been an orgiastic hot-bed of male to male orgiastic pleasure  erotic massage pleasure.

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