I’ve a few experiences that seem , and have never willingly chosen to ‘publish’ them, but one is this.. at about 18 my most number of orgasms in a row i think was about 27, this as a male gave me a lot of confidence, but my first time with a girl I didn’t ‘go’ at all, not until the next day with her… now 30 i’ve recently had 2 near sessions in a row recently where it seems like my penis is still ‘turned on and i can keep going.. alot of truly hot’ visual energy has been present these times…also, i’ll add one more.. i used to be able to orgasm when or after needing or going to the toilet when I first became sexually active simply by pressing hard up against an object and remaining still.. the frequency of these most intensive orgasms of my life – no longer occur as I got older and were gone by the time I hit 20 .. was good when I was 18. thoes

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