exposing masculinity

The work of photographer Blake Little is widely recognized due to its ability to capture the energy of masculinity of the personality of the his photographs. In addition to his commercial work, Little has released three fantastic books with photographs that capture the naturalness of the human male in a simple, but exciting. His first book, Dichotomy, in 1997 presented men in which feelings such as love, desire, frustration, anger and other charmingly demonstrated. His second book is The Company of Men, a beautiful collection of photographs released in 2011 and in which Little stressed even more simplicity and masculinity to capture men of pure form and in scenarios that represent more closely. The result was a fascinating collection.

In September 2013, the photographer has released amazing Manifest, where the compositions have become even more raw, exposing masculinity even more freely, which makes each photo mesmerising for all who admire the masculine male.

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