i like to have my lingam massaged with TLC and passion. I have a large manhood so starting with long slow strokes are great. Then after working the way round, hard and fast is how I get off. Long oily strokes, base to tip and back again with balls cupped and softly pulled. I am very sensitive, and love gentle touch, tickles and strokes.. i am cut and so love my head massaged and edged.. not into pain at all. Slow and sensual long stokes to be brought to the climax several times and build up the energy. Love to be massaged, receiving energy and explore all areas. Pleasure and relaxation at the same time.


Slowly and deliciously. I like it to be done softly, slowly, with sensuality, in different ways like up and down, or holding it with your hand and with your thumb caressing in circles. Stroking of the shaft, palm swirled around the head, thumbs or tongue caressing the glans.


So I like my manhood, stroked, pulled, twisted, caressed, tickled at the head, below the head, very light touches are also lovely, being licked is nice too. The only thing I don’t like is being sucked which to lots of guys will seem strange. Oh, and I also like to be in control of what is happening, i.e. to be able to say, slow down or stop for a minute etc


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