I’ve heard it over a 1,000 times. it’s almost a shame you don’t know it, but you curious straight or bi guys are far more numerous than you’d think, and so is that fantasy you have. you know: the one that you’ve tossed up in your mind hundreds of times, but just haven’t had the balls to act upon it yet. Well don’t blame yourself; we live in a world that doesn’t allow people to be who they really are. society pressures you to conform, and to never experiment. most especially on those thoughts you’ve always had in the back of your mind. but it’s your life, and you only get to live it once. So why not live it to the fullest? When you’re alone with me, for once, you don’t have to let fear hold you back from doing what you’ve always wanted to try. even if you only do it just once, i can help you live that fantasy. you can rest assured knowing that with me,you will never be judged. I’m forever patient, and a perfect teacher – great at helping to put you at ease, as well. When you’re alone with me, for once, you don’t you don’t have to let fear hold you back from doing what you’ve always wanted to try. Even if you only do it just once, I can help you live that fantasy. You can rest assured knowing that with me, You will never be judged. I’m forever patient, and a perfect teacher. Great at helping to put you at ease as well.  Anon

i agree. we have evolved to the point where sexual categories of this sort just don’t cut it anymore. we are complex sexual creatures. to try to reduce our sexual selves to some kind of 19th century taxonomy just doesn’t make sense in a digital age when our individual and collective horizon is so broad and we’re constantly taking in new experiences, sexual tourism, if you will. (if only it were so deep, but, that’s the future, hopefully.) anyway, thanks for this post. this is a topic that needs much discussion, much informed debate and much thought. btw: love your site, a queer alterna-oasis in a cookie cutter land of gay consumerism. thanks. Steve

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  1. I publicly identify as straight- married, kids, family man. I’ve been having sex with men beginning when I was 17. It wasn’t experimental with peers, it was a full-on seduction by a clever and beloved married uncle. He opened a door I often wish he hadn’t, my secret sex life has at times caused great stress for me. The one thing I have always been grateful for are the gay men, who over the last four decades have given me safe refuge in their arms, their beds, and sometimes their hearts. They have kept my secret, accepted my only random availability and never pried into the secreted details of my straight life. Ultimately these men, by the mere fact that they were openly gay and living life honestly, made me more ashamed of me being me.
    In my 6th decade of life, Ive somewhat made peace with myself. This website is a my therapy, my education and a source of comfort as I learn I’m not unique. Thanks to all who contribute.

  2. The whole idea of Homosexuality as a separate category is quite modern. This documentary from the 1980s explains what it was like in the 1930s before anyone even heard the term Homosexual. https://youtu.be/FzPzb3exfVc
    The distinction of straight and gay are a manufactured concept. It’s always been more fluid – as are we. Let’s get back to those days

    1. The REALIZATION of homosexuality in recorded history is pretty fluid. It has often been muted and made illegal, only to be accepted and recognized as normal centuries later, back and forth for centuries. That doesn’t mean that the concept is illogical. Many people, like myself, are exclusively interested in the same sex. Others are exclusively interested in the opposite sex. So, even though bisexuality exists in various degrees, that doesn’t mean that we’re abnormal if we’re exclusive in your sexual interests.

      That said, I’ve also had a LOT of cock down my throat that’s attached to a guy who IDENTIFIES as straight. I don’t correct them, or consider them gay just because they let me get them off. They are what they identify as.

      1. I love cock,too
        Sex is great with anyone who is hot and free and horny.
        I love to cum and pleasure guys by giving them a great orgasm.

  3. Growing up, I experienced sex with guys my age & a few years older. Circle jerks, handjobs, blowjob & even tried anal (didn’t care for that). It was a “normal” part of growing up back then. As a young adult I experienced a MMF 3some with a good friend & his girlfriend. I loved it. Only direct contact was when I reached down & caressed his balls as he was inside her. He exploded & I took his place to help her reach climax.
    I’m mature now & accept that I’m bi, although my wife & family don’t know.

    1. What to say .. since i started reading here i realize something has changed inside my reasoning .. it was ME BEFORE and much more ME NOW !
      Hard to explain i am bi with wife and Had affairs with man and women all my life
      I never considered myself to be a special alien .. many men have extra coniugal relationship with women some with men and women and some only with men :. So what ? it is our personal life , if u have a partner u hide the cheating unless you are for a free relationship .. u act according your personality and drives .. even if we were living in a free speech world i do not think most of us would tell everybody with whom and when and how they had sex .. so why to make a problem when does not exist the problem ? Some of us feel guilty because of our education.. but in fact guilty of what ? To have sex is normal does not matter how and with or who u have it .. it is our private life
      Tale care

  4. As a well hung, 9+ thick inches, I get hit on by more “straight ” men at the gym, than gay men. Those guys, specially the black guys are amazed that this gay white guy has a bigger cock than they do. I enjoy the attention and don’t shy away from their advances. Of course it’s risky to be caught in gay behavior in the steam room of a YMCA, but, sometimes something too good to turn down will present itself.

  5. Another question is, straight guys want their friendships to evolve into sexual relationships. When we’re single, we can share a lucky lady as well.

    Most straight guys aren’t there yet. I only was because different culture, LGBT rights is a major plank of indigenous nationalIsm, etc. (Strangely, the more toxic elements of mainstream gay culture hit us worse.) I would say our children’s generation are there, or their children will be. Not that we can’t move the hands forward.

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