I don’t know about where you live Kelvin butt, here in the UK if a man is suffering from depression he is prescribed anti-depressant medication that has a side effect of him not being able to have an erection. He is assured that this a small price to pay. Not being able to have an erection can be soul destroying for men, so it makes them even more depressed, so they need even more medication. More medication of course means more profits for the companies that make these drugs, and more “perks” for the doctors that prescribe them. It becomes a circle of one fucked up drug followed by another. It simply is not good enough. We need a more holistic approach to men’s health. We need to use a bit of good old fashioned “common sense”. We simply cannot cure a man of anything by prescribing him something that will prevent him from enjoying the wonders of being a man. A man’s semen contains prostaglandin, a hormone specific to semen, and men who swallow their own have lower rates of depression than those who don’t. Michael, would you like to share with the group?

Mr Cox

Nothing like a bit of man-jam for cheering me up. But not sure if it is the ingredients or simply the process of urging my own spray can to produce it. either way, chill and enjoy. Lovely taste. Even better with a frothy beer


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  1. Ive been suffering of depression since high school. I’ve taken different anti depressives but almost all of them didn’t help me. From what I read above eating cum can help with depression; swallowing my own cum would work too?

    1. Nothing like a bit of man-jam for cheering me up. But not sure if it is the ingredients or simply the process of urging my own spray can to produce it…. either way, chill and enjoy. Lovely taste. Even better in a frothy beer

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    I was overwhelmed by this video. I think it’s the first time I have ever cried while masturbating. And I’m 57. I only came to this site for a wank

    1. Hey Tad, I’m completely arrested by your pic, you are in my opinion a damned sexy piece of man!! I love all of your hair but in particular your bush being visible from a 3/4 rear view…. damn you’re hot…… thank you for sharing with the group!

  3. Well I wish eating my semen could replace my anti-depressants but it’s not gonna work.
    Love your site, really, but could you stick to the positives (eat your sperm) and avoid false assertions (like antidepressants are a scam) like this? You may not have to take them which is great but it’s not an issue to take lightly- they make a big difference in a lot of people’s lives.

  4. When I saw you I immediately got a erection. I cum so hard because of your image. So F______ hot.

  5. I took Citolapram (Celexa). The doctor said it might mean “possibly some experience of ED”. My wife said that would be a good thing to “give her a rest”. Well, It was a FUCKING nightmare and worse than the anxiety/depression. I came off them after about 2 1/2 years and took a long time to get back to normal – partly I suspect due to the psychological wounding of not being able to respond in the way I used to. I put on weight and the Endocrinologist said my high blood pressure and weight issue was the problem, not the Citolapram. Prescribed Viagra to “get back on the bike again” and regain confidence. What bullshit. What a fucking crime to take away a man’s hard-on….. it has taken many changes in my life, I found exercise, sunbathing nude, swimming and dangling in the showers with other blokes, diet, frequent eating of my own Cum, not too much booze and a lot of “heart to hearts” with my wife to get back to a happy, horny self…. fuck their nonsense. Those drugs are no answer.

    There are apparently newer medications that don’t cause that side effect, but I suspect mainstream counselling is failing to recognise the deep importance to a man’s wellbeing of sex and a hard cock. My wife writes it off as childish boy-selfishness. But mother’s should be telling their daughters if you want your marriage to last, suck your husbands dick…often. To reverse this tide of male depression sweeping the modern world you have to acknowledge who and what we are. Like all blokes, I think about sex, I like having sex, I like a good wank and I appreciate another man’s interest in the same. I like another hard dick as much as my own and every now and then enjoy mixing it up. My (on balance) great relationship with my wife is perhaps the most treasured and precious long-term emotionally stabilising sex I have ever enjoyed and ever wish for – but even there, she doesn’t fully understand my drive which I think all men feel.

    She tries, bless her, and she is sooo HOT in the process. But as for the antidepressant drugs…be very engaged in questioning your doctor and pro-active in working out alternative solutions if possible. Men offer that dick on dick understanding of each other’s needs…. and even if it is not physical between us, and even if it is physical between us, at least we understand. Thanks for the site Seb.

    1. OMG Bob, that’s terrible! I was on Welbutrin to quit smoking and it worked, but I was feeling sorta down so my doctor prescribed Celexa with it. After taking it for a couple days (if I remember correctly) my dick started feeling sorta numb; I gotta admit, it was a little intriguing…..at first. I remember touching it and thinking, “wow, it’s no different than touching my elbow.” The next day, it was concerning. The third day, it fucking disturbed me and I stopped it. It took about four days to get back to normal. Though, I have heard other men say Celexa did not affect their boners.
      The important take away from mine and Bob’s experience is to NOT suffer in silence. Dammit, talk to your doctor if the side-effects are worse than the cure. There are other meds that don’t affect erections, so don’t give in and don’t give up! BTW, I was started on Lexapro about 1.5 years ago and my erections are going strong.

  6. Similar things in my childhood. I loved it and feel no shame is saying that! Del

  7. If you like sucking cock your bound to feel good. I’ve only done it once, twenty years ago and it still makes me hard and happy when I think about it.

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