A Man’s Face Is His Autobiography

When a man ejaculates, the message is sent from his spinal cord, not his brain, which explains his amazing facial expressions during ejaculation.

It is easy in a man’s face to see when his bullocks are about to send forth their juices. A red Indian, they say, can preserve his features when being tortured. I doubt if he could when spending. A man’s face then is rather stupid, nor is that of a woman’s, as she is holding tightly to her, fucker’s. backside for the full engulfment of his throbbing cock in her cunt, highly intellectual; but it’s much more lovely than that of a man’s face.  From My Secret Life By Walters

“A man’s face is his autobiography” Oscar Wilde

Are you a man that has amazing facial expressions during ejaculation. Please add your cummface photos below

2 thoughts on “A Man’s Face Is His Autobiography

  1. since y’all have one of my batepics already, here’s another of me with my hard donger maXXXed out in Cedartown Georgia USA.

  2. I live for Cum. I Swallow it whenever I’m given the chance. I have never turned down drinking a Male’s Semen nor have I ever wasted it.

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