@CSAKA Tantric Semen

Tantric Semen shoots a huge load, after long tantric edge and cumm.

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2 thoughts on “@CSAKA Tantric Semen

  1. Eight spurts, guys. Yes, 8 separate and distinct thick ropes of jizz shot straight into the air by csaka! I am so envious!
    Csaka, you have it going on, dude. Excellent cumshot.

  2. Bi golly I’m enjoying these wank vids Seb. Bi who’s hand did you cumm across these. I’ve cumm and cumm back to them so often that my iPhone screen is sticky to the touch. Butt if I lick it off my fingers I can use my cock to touch the screen for a replay. Fuck these are hot. More please – you have a talent for curating such breathlessly exciting media.

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