I have hair on my chest

I drink whiskey

I work out

I like Karate

I drink beer

I like heavy metal

Let’s fight

Lets fuck.

I smoke

I stay out late

I win

I read (ie: I’m smarter than you.)

Let’s fuck

Sometimes I lose ….but I learn
I don’t care
That’s my job
I had steak for lunch
Do you want to fuck?
I provide
I take care of business
C’mon let’s fuck
I build
I take
I teach
I preach
Let’s fuck
I’m happy
Don’t cut me off in traffic
I lead
I challenge
How about we fuck?

by Hoping2bhelpfull

I yell
I critique
I solve
Are we going to fuck?
I drive a sports car
I save money
I spend money
I make money
I brag
I show off
I really really need to fuck
I said I drive sports car
I drink…. did I mention that.
Let’s fuck
I wait
I wait
I’m patient
I drink
I smoke
I emote
We aren’t going to fuck are we?
I work out
I compete
I shoot guns
I ride a motorcycle
I’m cultured
Don’t make me beg for it Bitch.
I judge
I kill
I love
I ponder
I create
I scheme
I think you are really special
Let’s Fuck
I can lift heavy boxes
I can hang pictures
I can drive you around
I can buy you dinner

by Hoping2bhelpfull

5 thoughts on “How About We Fuck?

  1. Were I younger I would take you on. Three or four times in one day. We’d take turns.
    I’ve never been so boned up. Lets fuck again.
    Then I’d buy you dinner.

  2. Probably the manliest poem I’ve ever read. Sums a man up perfectly, when I feel like I’m the one thinking it. And the lines that aren’t, I wanna aspire to become me. But most of all, again and again, the word “Yes”. Keepd popping up as my cock twitches.

  3. Thank you steve, if you feel like writing anything else we would welcome your wisdom
    a big hug

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