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Just read your piece on Cock Spinning Chakras, wow ! sounds like that it would be a wonderful experience. As when I wank , I kind of try to do it myself even when I started wanking. Another class I was really interested in was the Hugs and Cuddles, my god I have’nt had one […]

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not one fucking iota?

It does not matter one fucking iota, whether your gay, bi or str8. The only thing that really matters in this life is that your able to stand up, pull your pants down as a celebration of masculinity and shout, very very very loudly… I am a good man, I am a fucking good man. […]

gay man Gay Tantra

Being gay is a blessing…

God has created many of us as gay, and all that God creates is beautiful. I would suggest you first come to accept that within yourself. Give yourself time. I would suggest that honesty really is best. Thank God for making you special. Never be ashamed of yourself, for you are beautifully made. Unfortunately some […]

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Vajrayana Tantra 4 Gay Men

Most of us have difficulty placing trust in a spiritual path after the negative experiences so many of us have had from our chosen religion. Even in organisations which seem initially friendly, there is so often the ‘bottom line’: we are accepted so long as we don’t bring our partners along, or mention homosexuality, or as […]