I love my bollocks

Only a few have even mentioned their bollocks; to me the scrotum is one of the most excitable pieces of sexual equipment I have been given by the great God Eros. I like to […]

Silence, No Music No Lights

Having learnt about and experienced lingam massages before, I enjoy slow and sensual touch. Delicate and firmer touching and stroking up and down my shaft along with attention to the head of my lingam […]

My balls Resting On My Thighs

I love to have my cock massaged lying on my back with my balls resting on my thighs. With your thumb and forefingers encircle my penis. Run your hand up and down the shaft. […]

6 reasons i am commando…

Essentially it’s a personal choice butt, there are at least 6 really powerful reasons to go commando/freeball/wear no underwear. The main reasons I avoid wearing underwear are I find it more comfortable, as most […]

Swing Low, Sweet Chariots

The key word for this technique is gently, very very gently. Before you start let your balls swing, and sing sweet chariots as you clap your hands together furiously to make sure they are lovely […]

my balls rolled and stroked

With loving touch, gently caressing it from the base to the tip. Pressing the rim of the head and stroking it . With the palm of the hand, gently rubbing the tip. Basically: start […]

333 Daddy Bears UK

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Why Str8 Men Watch Gay Porn

I like to watch gay porn for two reasons. The first is that I had a three or four year period where I explored gay sex when I was in my 30’s. Fresh out […]

Butch Cannon, Bear Detective

In 2010, BEAR Magazine introduced an occasional single-page comic by Logan Kowalsky, Butch Cannon: The Bear Private Eye, full of pretty typical gay magazine comics tropes. [Entirely NSFW] Related CoxologyJack Saxon Mature English Porn […]

My Bull Sized Balls

I am a former US Military man who had a life changing experience 1n 1995. I stand 6 ft tall and at that time weighed in at a solid 260lbs. I had played football in […]

Your Masculinity Lies In Your Balls

As the man says your masculinity lies in your balls, and the best way to exercise your masculinity is to dance…. “When I dance my body vibrates. When my body vibrates I come to […]

Why Women don’t give Blowjobs

A woman wrote on vice.com “I currently have a man in my life who I’m not exactly dating, but who comes over about once a week to eat me out. The only thing I […]

Massage My Bullock

The key words for this massage are, very fucking gently. Before you start rub your hands together and make sure they are lovely and warm. Cup your fingers under the right testicle with your right hand […]

butt masturbators

My Big Greek Cock says, I’m always looking for the sensations of anal pleasure. I have a collection of realistic butt masturbators. They always give me the tightest anal pleasure. My collection includes female […]

Big Ball’s Prostate Massage

Introducing Big Balls who likes to massage his prostate with a thick zucchini and play with his big bull balls. Related Coxologycop shaves his cock and ballsA Proper Prostate OrgasmMy Bull Sized Ballsprostate charity’s […]

stronger orgasm and bigger ejaculation

Slowly and sensually and as often as possible, ideally every morning to start the start the day in the best possible and positive way. Being circumcised I enjoy plenty of attention to the glans […]


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Big Thick Stocky Hung Cigar Daddy

Watch Big N Thick Cigar Daddy wanks his rather thick cock to an eventual 18 blasts of spunk. If anyone knows what type of cock ring he is wearing, could they please leave a […]

Introducing Mr Bullocks

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big low hangers

I like to stay on my fours and let my package accessible hanging between my legs spread. I have big low hangers so this position suits me very well to expose the whole thing. […]