Revolutionize My Sexuality

Maybe it’s more than just a coincidence that I found your website when it seems it may lead me to find what I’ve been searching for, someone to revolutionize my sexuality, and sex life.  I have always believed that through sex I could experience a spiritual high that would touch, stroke my soul. You wrote about touching your soul via your hole and I knew that maybe I had found someone who could understand me.

revolutionize my sexuality and sex life.

Someone who could help me revolutionize my sexuality and sex life. I long to experience a spiritual orgasm. As I read your description of the prostate massage I longed to experience the emotional release that it can give.  Its intensity physically and emotionally. I believe it may help me develop, grow. I feel I have hit a brick wall regarding my sexual and so psychological development. I have entered a period where my libido is low and when I do climax it is always too quick and insignificant. When i cum it is merely release of tension – very frustrating when I know there is so much more but ignorant of how to get it. I began writing this to express an interest in learning more about the group weekends but I found I had something else to say. I am twenty-eight on March the first and planning in my head to book you for  a massage for that day or there abouts. I’m not well off so the week end would not be for a few months so I can save. Please send me details and your booking availability.  Thank you, your website is very special.

a star without a name…


not sexually active

Hi Seb, I hope you are well. I hope you find the time to read this e-mail with patience and understanding. First let me tell you about my situation and how I feel and then you can tell me if or how you are able to help me. I’m 24, a gay man. I have not been sexually active for some time.


Most of my friends don’t understand why I cant find a boyfriend or at least a ‘shag’, they say ‘you’re a sweet looking guy you should have no problem meeting someone.’ However, I know that the problems lies within me. I have very low self-esteem when it comes to my body and how i feel about it. There is nothing wrong with it externally except that I don’t have a very large penis, I guess its average to small. However, in my mind I have shut down sexually. I feel I’m a very sexual person who is blocked or trapped by his internal inhabitions and low self- esteem. I feel tremendous pressure from the gay world to be the biggest, the most hung, the prettiest – u know what I mean. I’m looking for a serious relationship and if I’m to find the man of my dreams I must sort this problem out. Its causing me a lot of stress and even depression and I’m not sexually active which I really need to be. I’m usually more passive, very sensual and sweet. The thought of going to a ‘masseur’ like you has crossed my mind a few times but I never really wanted to ‘pay for it’ as they say – there was an element of shame in having to pay someone, almost like you are not good enough to get it on your own. However I need to do this for myself if I’m going to sort my problem out. I’m genuine and it took a lot of soul searching to get to the point of writing this e-mail. Can you help me? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this e-mail. Yours, XXX.

penis massage 4

hello XXX, A very clever man once told me “if your life does not exactly add up…you need to subtract”. You need to make space. You need to make space for what ever it is you want to happen. You need to be brave. I know many young gay men are taking up kickboxing. You could start with a few private lessons to give you confidence to go to the classes. PENIS SIZE DOES MATTER, we have to be honest about that.some gay men will only have sex with men who have big ones, on the other hand their are many who see a man as a “complete package” and see intimacy with another man as more than shoving a few inches into an orifice.

Confessions – The Art of Autofellatio

im a str8 bloke who has been self sucking for over 20 years. It’s my party piece. I can hardly go out for a drink with someone of my mates telling everyone present about my talent. Both men and women are really curious. I have been approached with all types of offers and requests. I … Read moreConfessions – The Art of Autofellatio

electrified with sexual energy

I was a new recruit in the US Air Force, just out of basic training and on my 9-month training assignment in an air base just outside of Denver, Colorado. Not having the opportunity to sexually relieve myself (or overly concerned about what would happen if discovered), parts of my body and spirit, for that matter, were sorely in need of some loving care and attention. Most of the newly formed squadron had received their class schedules; my classes were delayed by a short supply of instructors. I had to meet formations, of course, and had breakfast with the guys.  While they went off to be drilled and filled with knowledge, I went back to the barracks to have myself a nice, long shower, as much self-satisfying sexual release that I could stand, and an encore performance of some sleep.  So here I am, alone in a two story barracks with 4 shower rooms, one on each end of both floors.  I shouted out, “Hello!  Anybody around?”, and got my own question in response, in my own voice, a hundred times over in rapid succession.  The shower were maybe 3.5 square metres each and loud sounds would echo around the barracks for quite some time.  There were new modern squadron buildings under construction, but for now we had to make do with these wooden ones which by that time were over 50 or 60 years old. At any rate, I took advantage of my solitude, cranked up half of the showerheads for lots of heat and steam (it was January, after all), and let the sweat pour out along with 2 months worth of unaccustomed stress. After a few minutes, I lathered up and scrubbed. Anticipating release from another stress caused by excessive testosterone (or whatever hormones make a 20-year-old so frakking HORNY), I felt almost electrified with sexual energy.  I don’t know why, but to the best of my knowledge and lacking any “hard” evidence, I’d never had a nocturnal emission — a wet dream.

washing my erection

Still haven’t to this day and I’m almost 50 now. So if you can imagine, Anyway, I whipped up some more lather with Johnson’s “no tears” shampoo (it always worked well with the hair on my head) on the hair in my nether-regions below.  I’d been pleasuring myself for about 5 minutes, almost to my first ejaculatory release in at least 7 weeks. My eyes were closed, I was standing under two very warm shower streams, thinking about my tendency towards making involuntary moans of pleasure and would I dare to utter a peep?  Impulsively I opened my eyes, and there, right across from me was another naked Airman, nonchalantly showering as if nothing unusual was going on. I am not a man of classic good looks (but I am ruggedly handsome, I’ve been told) and musculature, but I feel (especially at 21 years old) I had developed an above-average body. And I was born with equipment that developed on it’s own to an appreciative above-average size,  If I was in his shoes, I’d either have quietly left him to his pleasure and come back later (yeah, RIGHT!!) or started showering, all the while being obvious that I was admiring a brave, good-lookin’ fellow Airman who respected himself enough to do what had to be done!!  (well, that’s what I’d do today. Back then, I would have watched and hoped I didn’t get caught!). Maybe he was right; What I was doing was perfectly natural and normal, caring for myself ; maybe my choice of venue could have been different, but hey it felt better here, in the shower, than any of the other colder, drafty places I might have found. It could have been a profoundly gratifying experience.  Unfortunately, at the time I could not have been more mortified!  Settling for only the rinse-off I could have by quickly shutting off two showers I’d turned on (he was using the other two),  I dashed out the shower threshold to the hallway (only the community toilets had any privacy), scraping up my clothes, and dashed naked to my room) Such was my naivete. I fretted over the incident for the rest of the day and overnight as well. Finally deciding I had to feel him out, not knowing what to expect, I knocked on his door the following morning after breakfast. We probably could have had a very good laugh, if not an interesting conversation (or more); I suspect the anxiety I sensed from him was more a result of his discomfort at sensing *my own* anxiety and — yes, even — shame at being FOUND OUT!!  I am a closet master bater. The rather brief discussion ended with him telling me not to worry about it. No problemo. No big deal whatsoever. So what effect did this have on me, overall?  Did I learn any lesson, like “Don’t do in public what you wouldn’t do in front of your mother”?  HELL NO! Over time, it seems that the idea of getting “caught” at “playing with myself” makes the whole thing more exciting. While not nearly as frequent as it used to be, I still enjoy jackin’ off in semi-public areas whenever an occasion and mood coincide. There have been other, more interesting events over the years (none of which had any “bad” consequences), but this was my first and most startling experience in a shower. Psiman^G.g

using a dildo on myself

Mr Cox, First of all I’d just like to say that I really like your site. Secondly I wonder if you could offer some advice here. I’m a 32 year old male who has never had penetrative sex with either a man or a woman. I’ve often wondered why this is. Without wishing to sound vain I’m not physically unattractive and I’m a pleasant person to be with. Last year I had to leave work because of depression and go into counselling. It took me a while to begin to explore the deeper aspects of my psyche but eventually I managed to start talking about various traumatic events that had happened to me while I was younger. This included being abused by a variety of teachers at different schools and having the shit kicked out of me when I was 17. This led to severe depression, self harming and a non existence social life for about 11 years. I’ve always enjoyed masturbation and I’ve experimented with a vibrator on myself but I have this deep rooted fear about penetration. The odd thing is that I have managed to deal with other aspects of my sexuality more successfully. Earlier this year I started seeing a very good professional dominatrix in London who specialises in adult baby and spanking fetishes. I’ve gained a lot of confidence since seeing her but in penetrative sex terms I would feel more comfortable making my first explorations with another guy. I’m currently weaning myself off anti-depressants at the moment and as these have an effect on my libido I’d like to be off them before I possibly plan a session with you. I’m not really sure what I’d want to do so maybe its something we could discuss.

kiss my fucking arse

As I said i enjoy masturbation and using a dildo on myself so I think I’d enjoy being fucked. My mistress has suggested to me that I also explore submitting to another guy so maybe this is something we could talk about as well. I wouldn’t probably feel emotionally ready for that in the first place as I really need to deal with my bodies emotional and physical need to have sex first of all but I like to keep an open mind.

SeB Cox Replies : Doing things that scare you gives you a magickal energy. Have you thought about taking up a physical discipline, like there is kick boxing for example? If you are a bit shy you could try a few private lessons before you take part in an actual class. Remember you need to learn to ride before you learn to be ridden. Come to one of my Rose-Buddy Massage Classes. Oh, and in relation to your depression, have a good wank at least three times a day and eat your spunk, as it contains prostaglandin, a hormone specific to semen, and those who eat their own have lower rates of depression than those who don’t. And thats a scientific fact.  I wish you lots of love and penetration.