Lingam Massage not only relaxes you, it may help ease your anxiety and depression. When groups of men with depression get lingam massage therapy, their stress hormone levels change and their anxiety and depression ease. Lingam Massage could be a safe and positive addition to your mental health strategy program. But lingam massage alone isn’t a proven treatment for depression.

Gentle touches at the start to stimulate especially around the tip, then more sturdier movements with focussed understanding, caring about the journey as much as reaching the destination. Soft lingering touches with 1 and then 2 hands touching different parts of me at the same time. Not too fast but continuously and building up to something amazing! Then longer strokes, oiled and building up to a faster and orgasmic ending. I love lube too. Great invention!


I enjoy the touch of another person, of any gender, on my body, especially my penis. I prefer gentle to vigourous massage, and warm oils are always a plus. I like to feel strong hands massaging my inner thighs, lifting them slightly to feel my balls and cock from under. I find it very arousing. Then firmer grips with pressure, my foreskin sliding slowly up and down over my glans, being slapped against a hand (or something else …) I’m also very keen on massaging other’s manhoods; I take great pleasure from giving pleasure.


I love to fully relax during a massage but Know that this is hard to get when you receive a massage the first time from a new masseur in an unknown environment. I definitely enjoy both being fully naked during the massage, the receiving and the giving part. And I like it when any cm of the body is included but it shouldn’t be jus a rub, rather a very slow process of skin meeting skin.


3 thoughts on “Can Lingam Massage Cure Depression?

  1. How and where can one experience this kind of massage? I am in the EU and would love to participate. Cheers.

  2. I always like to me caressed from top to bottom, slow to begin and then some faster strokes. edging is a must. fingers exploring my anus and mouth. lightly breathe and blow over my head as I start to climax

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