I had the best oral sex of my life with a guy in his late 50s. He was cut with the thickest bush of dark hairs around his equally thick cock. This was topped off in perfection with low hanging really heavy hairy bollocks. He gently slid my cock head into his mouth. I’m uncut and told I’m blessed with a large glans. Great tongue work which involved him licking my equally hairy bollocks in between sucking me. His eyes showed passion as I face fucked him. I. Wanted it to go on forever. Sadly about ten minutes later the hot creamy spunk flowed from me. He carried on and my cock stayed hard. A second ejaculation followed as forceful and intense as the first. He stood up pressed his lips to mine and the silky hot cum slipped into my mouth. Our tongues shared my sweet semen before we swallowed. That’s what’s great about older guys. Only had one orgasm that got close this time a guy in his sixties. Not as lucky to cum twice but my ejaculate hit the wall behind his bed. Expert oral pleasure . Anon London

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