DadBod & Average?

I only have a dad bod and average cock. Great site but I feel left out. I love cock but is it all about gym guys Anon I agree completely. I don’t think […]

Too Large For Love?

Hi Seb, I’m a producer at Spun Gold TV working on a new documentary which will discuss the hidden problems of having a very large penis. I wondered whether you know of anyone […]

A Connoisseur Of My Own Neurosis

Mr. Cox, I am an American married male 66 years old, who has been practising meditation for the past 45 years. When I was 20 years old, I had a spiritual plateau experience. […]

My Dick Brain

i was turned onto this site when i was just randomly looking at naked man pics on google. It Tripped me right the Fuck out!! like, i seriously felt as if my Spirit […]

Trust Truth Respect

To me, “touch” is not just putting your hands on someone’s body, but also, to touch them with your eyes by examining every inch of their body, with your ears by listening to […]

Behind My Eyes

“Study me as much as you like, you will not know me, for I differ in a hundred ways from what you see me to be. Put yourself behind my eyes and see […]

Extremely Gentle

Very gentle, extremely slow, going with intuition and flow, feel the pleasure rising. Slower than ever. Imagine that my cock is divided into millions of miniature pleasure zones; each creating sensations of unique […]

Is Wrestling Homosexual ?

Wrestling with another guy — a total stranger whom I’ve never met before — with us both stripped down to nothing but our jockstraps. Winner fucks the loser up the ass with the […]

His Majesty

With every breath the sound of love surrounds us, and we are bound for the depths of space, without distraction. Yet we are beyond all of that and more than angels. Out beyond […]

The Essence of You

Your spunk is very nutritious, it is the very essence of you. It contains zinc, calcium and other minerals shown among many other benefits to slow down tooth decay. Your spunk is also […]

Totally Hedonistic

I’m straight, married, in my mid 40’s and I get blown by guys. The more I look around, the more common this seems to be, but even if not, fuck it. I was […]