at the ripe old age of 59

My first encounter with an older man, and cock, was when I was 20. Knew I was gay and couldn’t wait to taste cock. Finally the time came. He followed me into the bathroom, stood beside me at the urinal, and flashed me his cut cock.

He was at least 50 and my heart was beating a mile a minute. After flashing me for a bit, he nodded to the stalls and off we went. I sat on the bowl, he pulled down his pants, and the odour, FUCK, can still smell him in my brain. I slowly took him in my mouth and he exploded almost right away. Ate every fucking drop. Only problem was how fast he shot. Could have blown him for hours.

To this day at the ripe old age of 59, when I jerk off, I still use him as my fantasy. I still prefer only to have sex with older men. The more hung the better. But, have never refused a cock. Getting a raging hardon right now. I just want to see you hot men and cocks and cum for the rest of my life. Keep em cumming. Best fucking site! TOM

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