I am a Christian in the Arab world and my father is the gyno who delivered me, and he staunchly objected to any suggestion of circumcising me… and THANK GOD for that. My foreskin covers all my cock head, any my cock is really big, long and VERY fat…I LOVE it when it goes so tight around my cock head when I go erect before it so easily slides backwards and my frenulum goes ELECTRIC with pleasure.


9 thoughts on “Arabian Foreskin

  1. J’ai toujours aimé voir des grosses bites au prépuce bien long et gras qui coulisse sur la glamouille du gland. En plus, qund tu décalotte un beau prépuce, tu peux sentir l’odeur de fauve de la pine du garçon qui bandait dans son slibard depuis un bon moement.

  2. I am uncut. I think having a foreskin makes bating/sex feel better. Sometimes the skin can be a bit tight, which is a drawback for me. I love the look of a cut cock, but I couldn’t imagine not having an uncut cock.

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