Platonic Friend

I can honestly say that the idea of having sex with another man anal or oral doesn’t appeal to me. The thought of it actually turns me off. The idea of another man touching and having dominance over me in any sexual manner is especially a turn off in fact it brings out feelings of the alpha male submitting to another male and it is a very negative thought with me to be totally honest. I dont like submitting to other men in any way I am without a doubt STR8…

However I have nothing whatsoever against gay men and respect them as human beings as long as they dont force their sexual preference upon me in a rude or over bearing manner. I have had gay friends and never contemplated having sex with them however found their company nice as far as their personality is concerned. Many gay folks have great personalities they are trustworthy and dependable and very nurturing friends more STR8 men should try and make a gay friend where no sexual tension is involved they make some fantastic platonic friend. Anthony

5 thoughts on “Platonic Friend

  1. Confession: As a gay man, I have had many wonderful straight male friends. They have told me in the past what a good friend I am. Funny, witty, honest, caring, creative are some of the complements I’ve received over the years. The primary problem I have had is in my junior year of high school, I fell in love with one of my closest friends. Being the early seventy’s, I didn’t feel safe telling my truth. Here in 2019, things are so much different! We can legally marry! Anyway, I was the groomsmen in my friends wedding. Both a happy and heart breaking time, for sure. It was about thirty five years later that I finally, in my heart, let him go. There have been several other men, always married, that I have loved. I have shared my truth with others for twenty five years or more. I am done looking. I have failed at many relationship’s, both male and female. I am empty.

    1. I fall for what i now call” cockteasers “
      Straight guys that are playing with their charms, mostly straight, married.
      They make you fall in love, buy them stuff loan them money which you never see a penny back from.
      It’s disastrous, I’ve been a victim once, it broke me.

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