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    The almighty penis, tool of the trade. What part of this member gives me the most pleasure? A combination of each part of the penis. Each part working in unison of the other, a symphony of sorts giving me the ultimate satisfaction and pleasure. The penis, a wonder of man, the rod of pleasure. I adore all penis, a wonder of creation. Not a day goes by that I do not give my cock ultimate attention. I edge my big cock for hours as it brings me and let’s not forget others shear joy. Each part of mans penis works in collaboration of the other to give us the best sensation on earth. Worship your penis and share the joy with your brothers

  2. I was partially cut when I was born. The doctor was kind and left me some foreskin. So I’m lucky to have all of my frenulum and some inner and outer foreskin. When guys are cut and the foreskin is completely cut off, they still have the inner foreskin, but it’s completely dry and destroyed from being cut.

  3. Thanks. That explains a lot. I’m cut so my head is not my most sensitive and these days less so as it mostly touches clothes. As a Scotsman when I wear a rough wool kilt, my knob retracts, or when I am in cold weather running wearing shorts it also contracts to protect against the friction. By far the most sensitive is my frenulum and frener band. I guess a lot of my sensitivity disappeared with the surgeon’s knife when I was a newborn. So called 1960s government “health” protection in the country where I was born – for when I grew up to fight wars for them and not get cheesy cock. Oh well. It seems to have served me well nevertheless. And I do love my dick ever so much just the way it is. Oh well- Off to have a wee fiddle now – just to check it’s still there …

  4. I have 1 question. How do I turn a dribbling dick into a sprayer? Over the years, I’ve messed around with some hot guys. Anytime we’d fuck, I got teased b/c my dick would dribble when I would cum, and my partner would shoot off like a rocket. Can you help.me?

    1. I find the quicker I cum the more I dtibble. The slow build up of excitement works for me. Recently sucked my buddy off snd swallowed his load. There wasn’t time for s return favour so he wanked me instead. I do take my time during oral and he had a meeting. He gave a really hard fast wank with his cock still leaking cum into my hairy thighs. There was a rocket of spunk as i came. Just take it slow and make sure you are good and wet before letting your man cream flow . If you are in South london happy to help


    1. The outer foreskin begins where you can see/feel the corona of your glans beneath the skin. From there to the tip of your foreskin is ‘outer’. From the tip back the tissue transitions under itself and comes into contact of the glans back to the sulcus, where it joins the corona and is technically mucosa, moist tissue similar to the inside of the lips or eyelids. The inner foreskin is actually not like outer ‘skin’ at all but highly vascular tissue that has blood vessels very close to the surface and evolved to be moist and ‘inner’ tissue, which the glans and inner ‘foreskin’ is meant to be. Note: where the tip of the outer foreskin transitions, folds under itself, into inner foreskin(mucosa) contains the Ridged Band that contains 10-12 ‘ridges’ of highly sensitive nerve bundles, similarly found in the frenulum that roll over each other with movement and provoke the optimal sensations that drive us towards the most rewarding orgasms and sensations. These nerve bundles detect heat, pressure, fine touch, stretching and movement combined(the glans only heat, pressure and pain). A man’s body has a dense collection of different sexual sensation and they are overwhelmingly located in a man’s foreskin- especially the frenulum and Ridged Band.

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