“When you got right down to it, my dick was the one organ that hadn’t presented itself to my consciousness through pain, only pleasure. Modest but robust, it had always served me faithfully. Or, you could argue, I had served it – if so, its yoke had been easy. It never gave me orders. It sometimes encouraged me to get out more, but it encouraged me humbly, without bitterness or anger. This past evening, I knew, it had interceded on Myriam’s behalf. It had always enjoyed good relations with Myriam, Myriam had always treated it with affection and respect, and this had given me an enormous amount of pleasure. And sources of pleasure were hard to come by. In the end, my dick was all I had.” ― Michel Houellebecq,  Submission (novel)

Great quote. Dick really is man’s best friend. He really is a lifelong buddy. But more than that, he is a link of common experience with all men of all “types” – the common denominator fraternal.


9 thoughts on “Yours Faithfully

  1. I love and celebrate my cock and balls, now more than ever – not that it gets more exercise than when I was a young man, but because I appreciate it like never before.
    There were times when, even though it gave me great pleasure, and my satisfaction and gratitude for that, I also felt dissatisfied and inadequate – if only I had a bigger cock, bigger balls, if only I had less bush, naturally smooth balls, a smooth body, if only I had a shorter foreskin, if only it rolled back on erection without help, if only I could shed a bigger load, if only, if only, if only…
    Happily I have moved far beyond that and have none of that negativity now, but I am prompted to consider those of us who can’t experience it as simply a best friend, a gift of a lifetime, as totally positive.
    I have heard from men who have been in the same place as me about inadequacy, whose pleasure is muddled with a past of abuse, whose experience of erectile dysfunction shames and grieves them, whose cancer journey has left then with nothing to ejaculate. These and many other causes of hurt, loss and grief around the cock, balls and their functionality I would hope to be lovingly embraced by this community, with a clear message that we belong to each other wherever we are on our journey and whatever shit we are burdened with.
    I totally want to celebrate my cock and everyone else’s here, and all the Phallic Gods, and at the same time, I want all to feel belonging and validation here whatever their personal history with Cock may be.
    I hope that makes sense.

    1. You have the right outlook and attitude bro. Just celebrate yourself, and you will find joy, pleasure, and connection with others.

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