He wasn’t the only one but he was shy enough to not want the teasing that went with it all. He went in quietly, and smiled as he saw that almost all the lads were changed now. As he looked over he could see Liam sitting on one of the benches opposite the door. He was drying his hair with a towel, sitting on another but apart from that was stark bollock naked. All the lads were used to it. Liam was extremely fit, very proud of his body, massively well hung, and keen to show off what he’d got at any opportunity. There were rumours that he was able to suck his own cock, and from what Ryan could see it might well be true. Even soft, Liam’s cock was a good six inches long, and Ryan had seen it hanging halfway to his knees when Liam was showering. He looked over to where Liam was having a laugh with a couple of the lads, one leg bent up on the bench, the other resting on the floor. He had that typical black Irish look; pale skin, jet black hair, sparkling dark eyes, with very long eyelashes. He was very hairy as well, with a couple of days of stubble on his face, thick dark eyebrows, and a great fan of curly black hair across his heavily muscled chest, and a dark line of hair that ran across his stomach, and down to his crotch. Both legs were covered with a thick mass of hair as well. Liam might look Irish, but he spoke like the cockney lad he was.

Ryan began to undress, figuring that he’d have the showers to himself by now, with less chance of getting the sort of massive hard on that showering with a bunch of naked muscular lads would cause. He often dreamt about it, getting soaped up with a couple of the other lads in the hot steamy showers; sometimes the people changed but usually it was Jack or Dave, and it was always Liam. Ryan knew every inch of Liam’s body by now, just from looking in the changing rooms. He could measure himself against each part of Liam’s big solid body; he knew that Liam was exactly four inches taller at six foot two, his chest was a beefy forty six compared with Ryan’s own forty four which he was very proud of. There was almost no difference in the size of their biceps. Ryan worked out three maybe four times a week, and had always worked on his arms. Ryan’s waist was narrower than Liam’s by a couple of inches. He’d checked the waist band of Liam’s Levi’s whilst they were hanging up one day. He knew how long his legs were, thirty four, with a thirty two inch waist, and he knew how tight fitting they were over his tightly muscular arse. He could picture the bulge at the front, and knew that Liam never wore underwear, except when he was wearing his shorts when he wore a tight white jock strap. In fact, he laughed about it.” If I fucking didn’t mate you’d see my fucking dick hanging out” He knew the solid line of dark hair that ran from Liam’s crotch across his flat hard belly, and up to his hairy tits. Ryan was very proud of the fact that his own stomach had a tightly defined six pack, more heavily defined than Liam’s solid muscle. He could picture the size, and shape of Liam’s nipples almost hidden in the dark hair, until it was smoothed down in the shower. But big as a little finger tip, with a darker brown circle around them.

In his dreams, it was always Liam who took the lead. They all got soapy, and then all started to get half hard, and then harder, and harder still until all of them had rock hard cocks in their hands. Liam was always the first to start sliding his big hand up and down his cock slowly at first, and then faster. Then the others slowly started to do the same. Ryan had unlaced his trainers, pulled them off, put them neatly on the bench beside him, peeled off the white socks, and put each one inside the shoes. He pulled his football shirt over his head, and put it beside the shoes. Then he pulled down his shorts, and turned so he had his back to the rest of the room, and pulled down his tight white jock. He picked up his towel from the bench, and wrapped it round his waist. He walked over towards the showers, and Liam gave him a big grin. ” You’re always the last one aren’t you mate” His eyes were twinkling as he spoke ” I don’t know why you lads are all so fucking shy. You ain’t got anything that the rest of us haven’t mate. ” Ryan gave him a shy smile as he walked past. ” I won’t be long ” Ryan said as he walked past, ” Then we can get Pete to lock up” “Pete’s gone mate, he left me the keys, and told me to lock up when we was finished.” Liam spoke in a deep slightly horse voice. ” It’s not a problem, you take your time, and I’ll buy you a beer when we’re done.” Ryan walked into the showers, three or four of them were still on, and the room was still very hot and steamy. He leant against the wall feeling the hot water on his naked body. ” Fucking hell” he thought, ” There’s only me and Liam in the place.”

He stuck his head under the shower, and let the water run into his tightly cropped blond hair, not hearing the sharp click of the lock as the water ran over him. Ryan reached over to the shampoo, and poured some onto his hand, and then began to lather it into his hair. The soap suds ran down across his smooth tanned pecs. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling from the hot steamy room, and felt over for the soap beside him; he began to rub the soap over his smooth muscled body, chest and stomach at first and then lower as he soaped his tight arse, and worked the soap into his hairy blond crotch. His cock responded as always to the heat, and the hand movements, and he worked a soapy hand around his rapidly thickening shaft. It was already more than halfway to its full eight and a half inch length. He leant back so he was half resting against the tiled wall, still under the full jet of water, and worked his hand a little faster feeling his cock respond as it grew fully hard. Uncut with a thick tight head, it reached just past his navel, with a thick  shaft that was probably six inches round. Ryan slid his other hand between his legs to pull on his balls as he worked on his shaft with his left hand.

Christophe Dominici

” Oh fuck ” Ryan groaned as he opened his eyes. Standing straight opposite him under one of the other showers was Liam, with a huge grin on his face, and his massive cock fully hard reaching almost to his big hairy tits. It was even bigger than in Ryan’s dreams. ” Pass us the soap, mate” Liam winked at him  “Didn’t want to disturb you before, you looked a bit busy”.  He stepped forward and put one big hand on Ryan’s shoulder, squeezing the solid muscle slightly, and brought the other one up across his broad chest just brushing past his nipple. Ryan shivered slightly at the electric sensation as Liam’s hand rubbed his nipple. ” You’ve got a fantastic fucking body mate” Liam murmured to him as he ran both hands across his smooth taut torso. Leaning further forward, he reached behind Ryan for the soap, and Ryan could feel Liam’s chest against his, the feel of the solid muscle like nothing he’d felt before. He’d often dreamt about it but this was it. Liam slid round, his soapy body sliding over Ryan’s skin, as he moved behind him. Head bent down slightly, he nuzzled into Ryan’s neck as he began to lick and chew on one of his ears. Ryan let out a low groan at the sensation, and then again as Liam began to rub the soap into his chest and stomach, big hands firmly working around his tits. He groaned louder as Liam  began to rub them with the palms of his hands, and the electric sensations went straight to his throbbing cock and balls. Instinctively he pushed back against Liam’s body feeling his massive cock sliding between them nestling against the small of his back. Liam put one arm round Ryan’s waist pulling him tighter as he began to slide his cock faster between them, and slid the other hand lower as he reached for Ryan’s huge rock hard prick. He held it in a tight grip, and then slowly, gently began to slide his hand up and down the steel hard shaft. Ryan let out a sigh, somewhere between a low moan, and a growl. ” Jesus” he muttered, it felt so good. He didn’t think his cock had ever been so hard. Liam let go of his cock, and put both hands around Ryan’s head pulling him round, then he leant forward and gave Ryan a kiss.

Ryan almost swooned at the sensation. He’d never felt anything like this before. Sure he’d had kisses from relatives, and quite a few girls, but nothing with the deep passion, and intense feelings that came as Liam worked his tongue deep into his mouth. Ryan threw his hands around Liam’s back pulling him closer as he responded. He could feel the hair on Liam’s body as they slid their bodies against each other. Solid hard muscle against muscle, their big cocks sliding against each other as they ground them together. The kiss continued, and Ryan felt almost faint, and then suddenly Liam stopped.  ” You horny fucker.” He said with a big grin, sliding his hand down again to Ryan’s cock. Holding it tightly, he sank to his knees and began to lick Ryan’s thick shaft. Ryan groaned at the feeling, and gave a deep shuddering moan as Liam reached his cockhead and slowly sucked the first couple of inches of Ryan’s cock into his mouth. Liam began to bob deeper onto Ryan’s throbbing prick taking more, and more of it into his mouth; working his tongue round the thick shaft as he sucked Ryan deeper, and deeper inside. Ryan slid his hands over his chest, head leaning back, as he played with his nipples. He was letting out a low deep moan. He’d never felt anything like this before, and he wanted it to go on for ever, but he could feel the unmistakeable fire welling up in his big bollocks, and knew he was almost ready to shoot. Liam pushed on further still, until, as he put his big hands on Ryan’s tight arse, he swallowed all of Ryan’s big cock, and felt his cockhead slide into his throat. ” Fucking hell ” Ryan grunted as he felt his balls tight against the sharp stubble on Liam’s chin. ” I’m gonna come.” And with that he let loose with a massive jet that shot into Liam’s throat. Liam pulled back slightly, and let Ryan fill his mouth with jet, after jet of hot white spunk. Ryan shot four, or five massive jets one after another, and then three, or four more slightly slower. Liam pulled back slowly, his mouth full of Ryan’s salty come, as Ryan fired one further massive jet across Liam’s huge hairy tits.

Ryan sank to his knees beside Liam, and surprised him slightly as he put his hand round Liam’s massive cock. Liam lent back slightly, with his legs folded under him so his arse was resting on his big feet, big thighs bulging with taut muscle. His legs were wide apart, and his huge cock rose up past his navel reaching up to just below his rock hard pecs. The solid muscle overhung his flat stomach by three or four inches. Ryan knelt in front of him, holding his cock in one hand, staring down at it, slowly sliding his hand up and down. Then he gently moved his other hand onto Liam’s body feeling the solid muscle as he felt his way from Liam’s taut muscled stomach, and then higher as he reached towards his huge tits. Ryan’s touch was gentle at first, and then firmer as he felt the taut muscle beneath his hands. He’d never felt anything like the slightly wiry hair before. He reached higher, and his hand brushed Liam’s  right nipple, Liam let out a slight hiss and then a low groan, as Ryan squeezed it between his forefinger, and thumb. ” Go on mate, work it for me.” Liam pushed his chest forward slightly, and groaned louder as Ryan squeezed it harder. He growled louder as Ryan pulled on it. Ryan let go of his cock, and slid his other hand up to Liam’s left nipple, pulling on both tits at the same time. Liam groaned louder now ” Ah fuck, yeah, man, fucking play with my tits. Fucking pull my big fucking tits, fucking work the fuckers. ” Ryan knelt between Liam’s bulging thighs, his cock, rock hard again, only an inch or so shorter than the throbbing pole tight against Liam’s belly. He leant further forward, and, still pulling on his tits, he kissed Liam firmly on the lips. Liam wrapped one big arm around his head pulling them closer as they kissed, and then put the other hand on Ryan’s head and pushed him lower. Ryan resisted slightly for an instance, but then began to lick his way down across Liam’s wet hairy body. He licked his way down, nibbling at Liam’s earlobes playing with the gold stud in his right ear, flicking it between his teeth, and his tongue. His head worked lower as he reached Liam’s magnificent chest, and Ryan began to lick around his left nipple, as he continued to work the other with his finger, and thumb. Liam threw his head back, and let out a long groan of pleasure, and then another, louder one, as Ryan started flicking his nipple between his tongue, and his teeth. Liam had taken his hands off Ryan’s head, surprised as Ryan slid lower still, reaching between his legs as he grasped Liam’s cock again.

This time he leant over deeper still and stared for a moment at the huge dick towering four or five inches above his clenched hand only just able to circle it. Then he started to lick the cockhead, and opened his mouth as he started to swallow the first couple of inches. ” Watch yer teeth mate ” Liam muttered ” You ain’t done this before ‘ave you mate ” Ryan shook his head, still sucking on Liam’s thick shaft, and pushed deeper onto it. ” You horny little fucker ” Liam laughed, ” Christ, you’ve got my fucking dick hard.” He groaned loudly again ” Oh fuck I’m gonna shoot ” and his groans grew louder. He threw back his head and yelled as he began to shoot his huge load into Ryan’s mouth. The first couple of jets filled Ryan’s mouth, and Liam pulled out and shot his remaining load across Ryan’s smooth muscled tits. As he did so Ryan shot another huge load. They slumped to the floor, and sat leaning against each other under the jets of hot water. Liam pulled Ryan towards him, and gave him another kiss. Then he looked him in the face. ” You haven’t done anything like that before? ” It was half a question, half a statement. ” But you’ve wanted to.” Ryan gave him a huge smile ” Oh yeah.”

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