This company I worked for had a break room where we ate lunch. I always sat with a cute handsome guy and sometimes his wife would come in for lunch. We would talk all the time about everything.

One Thursday Bill said Betty his wife wanted me to come out Friday evening for supper, which I did. After supper we were sitting in the kitchen having a drink, and Betty said, “lets go swimming.” “But I didn’t bring my swim suit.” That doesn’t matter, we always go nude.” WOW that was what I wanted to hear. It was almost dark and the light from the LIVING ROOM came through the sliding glass door. That was all the light we needed. We all took off our cloths, and I was looking at Bill, because I had never seen what he had to offer. And it was nice and thick. We all went in the water and standing around talking, when I felt a hand on my leg moving up to my crotch. It was Betty and when she touched it, it sprang into action. She called Bill over, and he felt, which decided for me to feel him. He was rock hard also, and the three of us got out of the pool and had sex right there on the pool side. And two more times. I stayed over that night and it was ALL SEX.

I had never had that much sex in my whole life, and IT WAS WONDERFUL. I really got to know Bill that night. I really did. And we did it again about once a month.

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