I like a loving touch, fully engaged with my penis, my eyes, my lips and nipples. A connection. I like it to be dry wanked so we set he skin sliding and bunching, I’m precum ing lots by then so licks and finger feeding to each other, spread it all over my glans and enjoy the slippery. Slide down my frenulum and up and down, and up… my bails are very hairy and tight, I love them being licked, sucked, tenderly worshiped. I love my shaft being massaged, the glans jerking around in the air, precum flinging off it. My whole penis should be slick now, so get up under my corona, gently slide around , lick my tip while looking at me. I want to have your penis in my mouth too and to play and worship a penis while experiencing the feelings associated with what I’m doing to you. I press against your hairy bush, I love that done to me. We could continue all afternoon like this…..


Slowly, using a little oil, one hand cupping my testicles, running a finger between my testicles and my anus, just teasing the hole a little. Delicate touches to my swollen helmet and light finger movements over my veiny shaft. Seeing the first small globules of pre cum appear and gently lift it on the end of my finger for a taste. Slow touches build to more assertive strokes as I draw closer to orgasm and I stop…let the building sensations subside and start gently again from the start. When I can’t take another minute of teasing I allow myself to cum, feeling the warmth and the smooth relaxation that follows.


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