I love this site which I accidentally discovered a year ago whilst searching for an alternative to porn sites/dating sites/sites about the scene, none of which satisfy the deep desire and longing I have inside for real connection with other men. I visit this site when I need to remind myself that I am not alone, that there are other men out there who feel the same deep desire for masculine intimacy with the beautiful complexity that is man. I live far north of London where men are, as a rule, very different to the kind of beings that inhabit cosmopolitan spaces like London. The North is a lonely place for sensitive men who wish to experience more than what the scene or the virtual world has to offer. I never thought I would leave a footprint here, I generally shy away from saying anything meaningful in the virtual world which can be so shaming and toxic. But today I was moved by way I read here and I want to believe that it is possible for me and others like me to have what we desire, even in the less evolved spaces of these Islands. I want to believe that this site represents something real, something that can exist for a man like me. It has certainly inspired me to think more about how I could risk exploring something of my own up here in the coldness of the Northern wastelands. Thank you all, my beautiful, brave brothers, for your generosity and your words of love.

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10 thoughts on “A Deep Desire for Masculine Intimacy

  1. First time at this site and I love this site. I would love to know more about. I live in the USA but still would like to be imformed aboit up coming events.
    Be well

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    Hey Mr Cox could you do an article about flirting and how to flirt? I think it would be neat. And/or how to be more physically “close” to or with Men, because they seem “shy” ❤

  3. pretty much a mans man here, and desperate for some furry on furry hugging,, any takers?? Welsh bloke here,, South Wales UK. bi/str8 very welcome

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    I discovered this website not too long ago. It is a refreshing change to see the various topics and the ever popular
    variety of gorgeous sexy men. When one visits here how can one not desire masculine intimacy. I am no means a
    furry cuddly bear but at age 61 I find myself in remarkable shape and my ever popular cock between my legs. I crave
    the intimacy of men. Men who know how to please you. All the happy zones men have and want to experience. I lust
    for men. As long as I’m fit and reasonably sexy and my erections remain rock hard and all natural I will crave the touch and feeling of sexy men

  5. Hello there, bi guy from the US visiting the UK shortly and would love to connect … always had a thing for guys from Wales! Originally from the UK moved to the US 20 years ago and visit often! Looking forward to hear from you!

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