I think of it as part of a continuum, not just a “penis attack.” Start with my body, both men nude, and explore. Move around and find your self rubbing, caressing. Use everything – fingers, palms, face, legs, mouth – to find new areas of eroticism. Take your time on my penis – slow strokes that build in intensity then ease back… let the intensity build. Finish with an orgasm that is whole body. (Source)

I like for my thighs to be oiled and massaged and lightly caressed until my manhood is aroused. I like the use of excessive oil on my manhood as someone starts to lightly rub until the whole body experiences a light orgasmic sensation. Repeat until the body climaxes with an orgasmic body Convulsion. (Source)

Awakened with featherlight touches to the shaft, balls, perineum. Gradual build up of pressure, rolling the foreskin over the head. With firmness building in the shaft firmness builds in the massage. With the balls tightly cupped and pulled, the foreskin is stretched back to expose the head. Now both hands glide from the head down the shaft and to the anus. Gentle strokes of the rosebud become gradually more penetrating. Now one hand on the penis, gentle then firm; quick then slow. (Source)

A slow massage with a decent amount of pressure with no friction. Incorporating the touch of the balls and groin as well as the soft area behind the balls. Soft lubricated touches behind the glans create an energy I quite enjoy


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