Hello Adrian, Just a short note to thank you for scattering your art randomly on my site. I have been intriqued by every post. Your art in the woods, is the essence of HaPenis, and your home alone photography art is fucking amazing. What I love most about your HaPenis Art, it is the best example I have come across that clearly explains my theory about blurring the difference, between art and porn. Well done. I’m sure I have missed some of the art, so if I have could you please post it below.

7 thoughts on “Manspreading By Adrian

  1. Hi, I love your inspiring website and it’s great to be a part of it. I’m glad you appreciate my work and I’ll be happy to contribute more. It gives me great pleasure to express my fantasies in pictures.

    1. Adrian my name is Tony. I live in Ohio. I love your wide manspread. You are what I dream of. Please keep up the good work in your art. Beautiful.

  2. Great outdoor! pix He shows it all Esp like piss and cum scenes Great body and cock. This guy is Great !!!!

  3. Hi Adrian, love your pictures , very nice body , arse and cock both great , like the country scenes too tractor etc very nice , wouldn’t mind seeing you naked there

    1. Hi Bilboy, thank you for the nice comment. It encourages and inspires me to continue with my work.

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