The Provember Project is a movement to promote awareness of men’s prostate health during the month of November. We need to be really clear about what men need to know about keeping their prostate healthy. The purpose of the prostate is Ejaculation. The more you ejaculate when you are young the less likely you are to suffer from prostate cancer when you are old. Keep your prostate healthy, use it or lose it! Take the 30-Day Ejaculation Challenge. Have a good wank 2 ejaculation daily making each ejaculation spectacular.

8 thoughts on “The Provember Project UK

  1. One thing to mention: The preferred means is not penetration. They don’t want a bunch of STDs going around from screwing every guy you see. The good news is, two or more guys don’t have to penetrate each other.

    Back in the 90s, the Surgeon General tries teaching about nonpenetrative sex to stem the tide of AIDS. Religious types attacked her because “actions should have consequences”.

  2. I’ve actually seen a guy do it before. We were having a circle jerk, and he chose to cum hands-free. (Granted, he had plenty of visual stimulus.) And Pornhub has a few of these guys.

    Beyond that, wet dreams and premature ejaculation are coming from just thoughts.

    It’s also possible to cum without thinking about sex or while being forced. I hope the only time that’s relevant to you is jury duty.

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