A recent national survey found that 29% of British adults think same-sex relationships are wrong, a sharp drop from 46% in 2000. Butt, it still means that nearly 1/3 of people living here in the UK are homophobic! I have a little message for those 29%. I am an old man. I have meet lots of people who suffer from homophobia in my long life, butt, I have never meet a person who was homophobic, that wasn’t a homosexual. Take a good long look in the mirror. What can you fucking see?

1 thought on “29% of Brits think same-sex relationships are wrong

  1. The way to remedy that is this: don’t have same sex relationships. In other words, mind your own business,the world would be a much better place if people who are always concerned what someone else is doing.
    This would give those folks an opportunity to do better in their own lives which are far from perfect even by the norms of heterosexual society.

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